May. 21st, 2017

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Step one: If something is worrying you and you can do something about it, plan how to do it. If you can't, there's no point in worrying about it.

Once a week, the Sandhus have a family meeting, on a Friday night. Guppy used the opportunity to set down some new house rules, in order that his children not do paid work for known psychopaths.

"New rule." he says. "None of you are to take any paid jobs in the bar without discussing with me first. You may do minor, unpaid tasks, for adults who are on your trusted adult list."

"Why?" Fry asks.

"Because Buster was too big a pet for the two of you to look after on your own." Guppy says. "When you have shown me that you can use better judgement, I'll review the rule."

The kids nod.

"Next on the agenda." Guppy says. "We're all going to the park. Because we don't get enough fresh air and exercise."

"What, now?" Fry asks. "But it's not on the schedule."

"Okay, well the other three kids and me can go without you if you don't want to go, and you can stay with Mum." Guppy says. "And then next week I'll put it on the schedule."

It's still nice and light as he walks down the road to the park, with Gil holding his hand and Brooke and Coral running on ahead. By the time Guppy and Gil catch up, Brooke and Coral are playing football. Gil looks a bit wary of the fast-moving ball, and decides to run around the edge of the field looking at flowers.

"Daddy see!" he keeps shouting, pointing at one flower or another.

"Very nice, but don't pick it." Guppy says.

"Pretty!" Gil says, leaning over to poke a lupin.

"No touching." Guppy says.

"No tuttin."

"Good boy." Guppy turns around just in time to get hit in the crotch by the football.


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