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Birthdate:Mar 30
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Canon:(mostly extracted from his wikipedia entry, the majority of which was written by me but other contributors are listed in the page history)

Gurpreet "Guppy" Sandhu is a character in the British medical drama Casualty. He is a Specialist trainee (formally Senior house officer) at Holby City Hospital Accident and Emergency Department, and has been in the cast since October 2004 (series 19 ep 8). He is more or less single, about twenty-seven years old (though his exact age has never been mentioned in canon) and shares a house with colleague John "Abs" Denham. Guppy has been out of canon for some time; he now works as a consultant in Geriatrics, and lives with his wife Frances "Frogspawn" Sandhu. He has four children, Alexander Jefry Sandhu ("Fry"), who was born on 17th November 2008, Coral Antonia Sandhu, who was born on 1st July 2010, Brooklyn Apna Kaida Sandhu born 5th November 2012, Gilbert Dhian Sandhu born 1st August 2014.

Original canon: Initially Guppy found it difficult to settle into Emergency medicine both professionally and socially, causing him to strongly consider resigning. However, his high level of competance and dedication saw him through, and he withdrew his resignation.

Guppy's father Jas was introduced to the cast as an occasional character in the later half of series 19. There were clearly problems with the father-son relationship from the outset, revealing Guppy's very strict upbringing. Jas undermined Guppy at more or less every appearance, denting the young doctor's confidence. Eventually he stood up to his father.

Towards the end of series 19 Guppy learned that Jas was involved in a dodgy drugs trial, and was wrongly led to believe that his consultant and boss Harry Harper was also involved. After a very big row, Guppy hacked into his father's computer and sent evidence of the trial by email to Harry, who used it to get Jas suspended. When Jas discovered what had happened, Guppy was disowned by his family.

In November of series 20 Guppy had an argument with a racist thug named Lee, who he refused to treat after being verbally abused. Lee later returned with a gang and beat Guppy up outside the department. One of his colleagues, Abs Denham, witnessed the assault but did not intervene. Although he refused to take time off work, Guppy was clearly emotionally badly affected by the assault and the intimidation that followed. When he refused to let the charges drop, Lee's gang beat Jas to a near-death condition.

Shortly before the new year of 2006, Jas learned that he had an incurable brain tumor, and begged Guppy to help him die. Guppy nearly gave into the pressure, but ultimately refused. When Jas committed suicide with a plastic bag, Guppy was devastated and was forced to take compassionnate leave to recover.

After a quiet spell, Guppy underwent a brief period of mild sexual harassment from colleague Kelsey Phillips, who teased him about his virginity and possible romantic attention from Nathan Spencer. After Kelsey persuading a patient's friend to strip in front of him the teasing more or less subsided. At a party shortly after Guppy, normally teetotal, got drunk and thought that he had slept with Kelsey, which he later learned was untrue. More recently he has shown some romantic inclinations towards emergency medical technition Cyd Pyke, although any real reciprocation on her part is yet to be seen. He has also attracted the attention of receptionist Alice Chantrey.

In the 2006/7 New Year's special, Guppy was involved in a building collapse, during which he was trapped in the cellar of a recently burning brothel. He was attacked by the arsonist responsible whilst trying to help a critically ill patient, but ultimately was able to talk the man around. He escaped with no major injuries, and used the event to his advantage by suggesting the possibility of a date to Alice. By the next episode he seemed a little less keen on the idea, particularly when she began questioning him about his father. The fact that he had been bitten by a fish whilst surfing and had to have Abs urinate on it may also have been something to do with it. Prospects of a relationship between the two also looked increasingly unlikely when Alice made a complaint of sexual harrassment against Harry, to whom Guppy is fiercely loyal.

Guppy was taken AU at the point in his canon where the writers rewrote him as a drug addict; this never happened to the Guppy you see here. However he still lives in Holby so may respond to canon events.

Millicanon: Guppy works more or less full time in the Milliways Infirmary, depending on what is happening at home. He is married with a son and daughter, and has sibling-like relationships with Sara Sidle, Amanda Darieux, Stephanie Brown and Atton Rand. He has a large black cat called Scampi, a sphinx cat called Prawn, and a dog the size of a guinea pig called Sparky.

Practical stuff
There are several ways to recruit Guppy for plot-related medical attention.
1. Tag an entrance post. Guppy and I offer a walk-in service, we're really very flexible. It doesn't matter whether he has his The doctor is in sign up or not - the only difference that makes is that when the sign is up he's usually in a good physical condition, i.e. fairly awake.
2. Ping me. guppymun at AIM, for email. If I'm here and available I'll come help you, simple as that. If not, I am always happy to slowtime. I am also a creature of habit when it comes to being online.
3. Ask him in advance IC.

Special conditions
1. If you want something complicated, like heart surgery or a brain transplant, Guppy will not be able to help you. He will try anything he thinks he could feasibly do in a life or death situation, but only as a very last resort. If it's worse than that, he'd put your pup in stasis (a frozen time bubble) and go get help. Simple as that. Guppy is a junior doctor and has his limitations. If in doubt, ask me in advance, because if I have to look things up it takes longer.
2. If Guppy has reason to believe a patient will attack him, he will request that a member of Security is present before he will treat them.
3. Guppy needs your character to give informed consent before he can do anything, unless they are incapable and have no next of kin present to give it. This particularly applies if your character is not baseline human. Informed consent means that he has to be sure that the character understands what is to be done and the possible risks involved. Children under legal adult age need the consent of a parent or guardian unless it's an emergency or, for example, the parent isn't present and the child just needs a plaster.

Other important information
*Guppy's mun operates on GMT and is usually in bed by half midnight.
*Guppy now co-runs the infirmary with Dr Simon Tam
*Guppy can, if necessary, deliver babies.
*If you want something highly medically unusual, I have no problems being put on the spot, but may be quicker if you tell me in advance so I can look it up.

Anything written in italics represents Guppy's thought, unless it is in quotation marks, in which case it is writing. Guppy is bilingual and also speaks punjabi fluently, represented by purple text.

Disclaimer 1
Guppy is from Casualty, and is the property of the BBC/scriptwriters/himself i.e. not me. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]milliways_bar by [info]bigfluffball, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.

Disclaimer 2: Whilst every effort is taken to ensure medical accuracy IC advice and treatment should not be taken literally as it may be simplified for plot. Please consult a qualified medical professional if you are in search of real life medical advice. Guppy as a character is a highly proficient doctor, so please, if I get something wrong, ping me. No malpractice complaints please. Thank you.


The outside inn

More or less the same as above, please ping me if you need to know anything, always happy to answer questions.

When staying in the inn Guppy has room 147, which is small and fairly sparsely decorated. Under the bed is a bottle of whiskey, which generally gathers dust. On the bedside table is a small model rabbit. A red sofa in one corner, a desk with a lamp in another. There's a small connecting bathroom.
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