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Guppy makes his way up to his room at about four his time. He is tired, and frankly, feeling rather crap from the combination of head meets table, hand meets broken wood.

He makes his way up by the light of his eye torch, having felt that it wasn't appropriate to use the MAJAX torch for his own purposes. He frowns slightly when he reaches 147, finding the door ajar. It must have popped open during the quake. Glancing inside just to make sure he's not being burgled, he pushes the door open and goes inside. A smashed chair lays strewn over the floor, a teapot wrapped in a jumper remains intact below the remains of his wardrobe.

"Scampi?" He shines the light around, fear beginning to rise again. Any moment now he is preparing for seeing a badly squashed cat. A bit of fur sticking out from under a large piece of wood makes his heart skip a beat, as he clambours over and lifts it.

A fake toy mouse.

"Scamps, where are you?" He continues looking amongst the wreckage, thoroughly searching until he is satisfied that somehow, the cat got out. He goes back to the door and shines a torch down the corridor.

No sign. Figuring that it would be almost impossible to find a black cat in a blackout, he heads back into the room, throws the bits of wood off his bed, and crashes for the night.


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