Dec. 14th, 2016

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They'd discussed, together, how far exactly they ought to let Gil go.

All their kids had, at one time or another, cross dressed. As a rule, they tended to get hand-me-down clothes from Fran's sisters Hannah and Tanya, who both had daughters a bit older than Fry. Fry had worn his fair share of pink tops with butterflies on, and Coral and Brooke had worn Fry's old t-shirts with dinosaurs and diggers. So it wasn't really a surprise that Gil ended up with quite a few pink t-shirts, being the youngest of four, though he would also go for anything with a tractor on.

When he'd gone to dance, he'd wanted to dress like the others, most of whom were girls, most of the time, and they'd been okay with that. And he was always in the dressing up box at nursery school, and they were okay with that. And now and again he'd put on his sisters' dresses at home, and they'd been okay with that.

But Guppy worried that, especially now he went to school with older kids, that wearing girl clothes in public might get him teased. So they'd decided for now to try and restrict these things to dress up play.

He was thinking about this when he took the kids to a clothes shop to get outfits for their Christmas party. It was hopeless to try and guess sizes for surprise gifts. Coral's was inevitably too big, Brooke's inevitably too small, and Fry wouldn't wear anything unless he had first touched the fabric and smelled it and it had met his requirements.

Perhaps he could find Gil a sparkly waistcoat or something? He pauses over a rather dashing gold and black suit.

"Daddy? I like this one." Brooke says, reappearing with a pink sparkly dress.

"'I'd like this one please'. Hm, that is nice." Guppy says, looking at the price tag. Brooke is the best at picking out clothes, but can't read price labels well and can always be relied upon to grab something expensive. "You have good dress sense Brookie, but if we get you this for Christmas, you are not to wear it in the garden or anywhere dirty, okay?"

Brooke agrees. Guppy changes it for a slightly larger size, hoping that it might last a bit longer.

Coral picks out one in light blue after being prompted to put back a nightie and a bridesmaid dress.

He's just about to steer Gil towards the gold and black suit, when he sees Gil clutching a dark green and white dress.

"Pretty!" he says, turning around and showing Guppy.

And at that moment, it hits him.

People like Emcee, who only this week ended up in a huge pool of blood - people like him died for this stuff. Not just people who were Jewish died in the holocaust. People died for being different. For freedom of expression of gender and sexuality. For cloth sewn in different ways.

He crouches down and pulls his little boy into a hug for a moment, much to the surprise of the other children.

"Yes Gil, it's very pretty, you'll look great."

Fry and Coral exchange a glance.

"I hope Grandma won't be mean." Coral whispers.

"Grandma's mean every Christmas." Fry whispers back. Then adds to Guppy. "Dad, I don't have to wear a dress, do I?"

"No, you don't." Guppy says, straightening up. "But it's a party so you need to pick something from formal wear."

"I did."

"Minecraft pyjamas are not formal wear."


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