Apr. 5th, 2016

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One minute he was training inside the ball, for what felt like hours, but can't have been. He moved in a digital world, facing little blurry enemies of mice and birds and all sorts.

And then suddenly the ball shakes, and Guppy finds the digital world fading, and suddenly there is a burst of light as he flies out of the ball into the grass.

He's a lot smaller than usual; Fry is standing towering above him, as he stands about the size of a puppy. Gil almost runs forward to pick him up, but then points.


Guppy looks around at the bird.

He knows enough from the digital game that he has to fight this bird. But which move does he go for?

"Fry, what do I do?" he asks.

"What moves have you got?" Fry asks.

"Laser dinosaur eyes, hair ruffle or tackle." Guppy says. "What's this bird?"

"It's a level three pidgey." Fry says. "Use the laser eyes."

"You're sure I won't go blind?" Guppy says.

"No, that never happens." Fry says. "But you should use an electric move on flying type."

"I thought I was water/fighting type." Guppy says.

"Laser eyes is obviously electric." Fry says. "You can have moves that are different to your type."

Guppy isn't sure he understands this game, but the bird is about to peck his face.

"Dad, Laser Dinosaur Eyes!" Fry shouts.

Guppy blinks. There is a brief red beam, and then the bird squawks and falls over. He has a whooshing sensation, and he's back to his usual size.

"Did I kill it?" he asks tentatively, prodding the bird with its foot.

"No, it just fainted." Fry says.

"Right. Well, good team work." Guppy says. "But now none of us are to wander off into the forest and touch things."

"Okay." Fry says. "Can we go home now?"

"Sure." Guppy smiles, scoops up the baby and toddler, and heads back towards the bar.

Fry follows just behind them; experimentally, he tries to see if he can recall his father into the ball, and when satisfied that the recall seems to have broken, puts it in his pocket to keep. A real Poké Ball is a worthy prize for his efforts.


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