Apr. 1st, 2016

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Brilliant, just brilliant. The poetic irony of being stuck in a stupid ball.

It's sort of floaty in here. And sort of two dimensional. But in front of him, he can sort of see a computer screen interface. It looks familiar, like the game Fran plays... of course... it's a Poké Ball.

The screen looks like something he can touch and click. So he starts off by clicking 'Status'.

Level 1 Guppysaurus
Ability: Wibbling
Type: Water/Fighting
Moves: Laser Dinosaur Eyes, Hair Ruffle, Tackle

Great. So, how does he do laser eyes? Will it make him go blind if he tries?

Everything jumps suddenly. Has one of the kids picked him up? They aren't going to start throwing this thing around, are they? He realises the two little ones are left alone with Fry - will he know what to do? He doesn't exactly have a track record for being nurturing...

But on the other hand, Fry probably knows how to get him out of his ball. And if Guppy has understood Fran babbling on about this game, it probably involves finding a pokemon, and throwing him at it.

He opens a menu called 'tutorial', and starts learning how to fight.


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