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It had been hard for Guppy to explain to the older kids that they couldn't join in Gil's dance group's photoshoots. The appeal of dressing up as a super hero or a fairy in a photoshoot was something they could all get into.

"Why can't we all do it?" Coral had begged, in the morning while Guppy was getting Gil ready.

"Because his dance teacher only booked it for his class. Sorry Col."

They had had some debate on how to do Gil's costume. They had expected he would pick the fairy - he tended to pick whatever the other kids at dance did, and most of them were girls - but then he'd decided to specify that he wanted a 'Boy fairy'. After much google searching, they had settled on some shimmery shorts and no top.

As they enter the studio, the parents of the other kids turn and stare. Esme-Rose's mum raises an eyebrow.

"Look, before you start, there are a lot of boy fairies in fiction." Guppy says. "In Shakespeare for example."

"Oh, of course, it's nothing." Esme-Rose's mum shakes her head.

"Mummy? Me do that?" Esme-Rose asks, pointing to the super hero sample picture.

"No, silly." Esme-Rose's mum says.

Guppy rolls his eyes and takes Gil a little further away. But he can just about still hear Esme-Rose's mum continue.

"Why can't she, Mum?" asks Anna, Esme-Rose's big sister, who looks more Fry's age and is wearing a matching designer dress to Esme-Rose.

"Why do you think?" the mother says impatiently. "You won't impress anyone looking for models dressed like that. They're not looking for cross-dressers. Or people with... disfigurements."

Guppy stops dressing Gil, and looks down at the big scar on his son's chest. Gil twirls around in his fairy wings, then goes to look at himself in the mirror.

"Pretty?" He asks Guppy.

"Always." Guppy says, grinning at him. Who cares about the scar? Let Esme-Rose's mother drag her kids around to modelling jobs.

When it's Gil's turn to go in front of the green screen, the photographer looks at him with interest. And right in front of him, Gil is suddenly posing for the camera, and doing just as he's told, and clearly enjoying himself. Guppy has to wonder where the kid gets the... the instinct to perform from, because it certainly isn't from him or Fran.

At the end of the photoshoot, he watches a few of the others, before wandering with Gil to get changed. Is this the right environment for the little guy? Or should he follow his instincts and get away from most of these parents as fast as possible? But as he's leaving, the photographer comes up to him and hands him a business card.

"What's this for?"

"If you fancy getting him into modelling, give me a call." the photographer says. "He works well with the camera, and if you don't fancy mainstream, I know someone who's doing some work on body positivity in kids."

Guppy thanks him, and watches as he goes off with his camera, not stopping at Anna who is waiting in the hope of getting a card for her and her sister. After a minute, she sidles up to Guppy, rubbing her nose slightly in shyness and getting make up on her designer sleeve.

"Er hi, Gil's Dad? Can I please get that number? My Mum'll be really mad if you guys got a card and we didn't."

"Here." Guppy gets out his phone, takes a picture of the card, then gives it to her. "I really don't think we'll be using it, but just in case his mum wants to, now I have the number."

"Thanks. See you." Anna smiles slightly, waves at Gil, and darts off.
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