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Guppy waits in the wings next to the stage. He has no idea why he feels quite so nervous - after all, it's only Fran and the kids who know him in the audience.

Fran had insisted that since Guppy went to dance class with Gil, it was Guppy who should stand on stage with him doing the dance recital. It is therefore Fran's fault, he has decided, that he is currently the only male parent standing backstage in a yellow tutu, next to Gil who looks adorable in his duckling costume, and a group of mostly sniggering mums.

"Esme-Rose, point your feet!" one of the mums instructs in a whisper, rehearsing another toddler through the moves. Guppy watches the pair in bemusement, pretty sure that his own child doesn't even know which bit of him his toes are.

"Now come and watch your sister." Esme-Rose's mum commands. "You might learn something."

Guppy peers past the curtains as a much older girl, a little older than Fry, takes the stage. She twirls gracefully, does some acrobatics, and finishes to a great applause.

"Well done, that was incredible." he congratulates the girl as she comes off the stage. She grins at him through what is, on close inspection, a thick layer of make up.

"Anna, don't sickle your feet." the mother says.

Guppy opens his mouth to say something, but it's time for them to go on the stage, so he takes Gil's hand, goes on the stage and tries to think like a duck.

As the music starts, he feels his face going red. Gil and Esme-Rose seem to be doing far better than he is. But after a very long minute and a half, the audience is clapping, and the kids look happy, so he decides it was worth it.

And that's when Gil makes a run towards the edge of the stage. And instinctively he darts forward to grab him...


"You're quite sure you aren't concussed?" Fran asks, as she drives them home. "You definitely fell head first."

"I'm fine. I'll put some ice on my... everything." Guppy says.

"Dad, why did you fall off the stage?" Fry asks. "None of the children did."

"I thought Gil was going to fall off. But he stopped and I tripped over him." Guppy says.

"I can send that to You've Been Framed, right?"

"No, you can't. I will literally give you £250 not to send that to You've Been Framed."
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