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The first thing to do, when trapped in the toilet by an unknown superpowered being, is not panic.

After trying to kick the door in for a few minutes, he realises his window of opportunity for rescuing Javert is probably gone. Whatever that thing was, it's probably long gone with him.

He stops, getting his breath. He has to get out of here, in case there's still a chance. But bathrooms aren't exactly full of escape routes. He looks around, and spies a tiny window above the toilet. Okay, that totally works in films, bound to be possible.

He stands on the toilet lid to reach the window. He manages to get it open, pushing back the safety catch, and pulls himself up by standing on the cistern. Outside, it's pitch black, being three in the morning. He gets his head through the window, and wriggles his shoulders through.

At this point he realises there is a flaw in this plan, namely that even if he does manage to get out of the window, he's going to end up dropping face first nine feet onto the concrete floor.

He tries to back through the window, but ends up treading on a spare bottle of alcohol hand gel, which squirts onto the other foot. Said foot disappears from underneath him, he whacks his knee on the cistern, which topples over and sends him tumbling backwards. Something hard makes contact with the back of his head on the way down, and for a couple of moments everything is black...

...until a cistern full of water falls on top of him, which brings him back to earth with a rush of wetness and the heavy tank on his front.

Okay, now might be the time to panic.

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After leaving Guppy and Javert, Charles took a long bath and then slept, far longer than he meant to, but it was needed. Its an odd time of night but he could use some tea before sleeping again. He takes his time dressing as he still feels as if some of Javert's blood and pain remains on him.

Downstairs he starts towards the counter when he feels panic, Guppy's panic and starts towards the infirmary and the bathroom door, "Guppy, are you in there?"

Javert's gone but he'll find out about that once Guppy's safe.
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"I'll get you out but I need you to keep calm. Take long deep breathes,"

The handle is a mess, whoever did this was unnaturally strong and he wishes that Erik were here. He would make easy work of the door but he's not so Charles looks around for another way.

When he finds a screwdriver, he gets to work on the hinges which unscrew easily, then he gently opens the door.

Date: 2013-08-25 10:00 pm (UTC)
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"Hold still," As slowly as he can, he shifts the cistern off of Guppy. "Do you need help standing?"

Date: 2013-08-25 10:05 pm (UTC)
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"Yes, of course. You go and sit down out of here if you can make it. If not lean on me,"

It takes a bit of searching before he shuts off the water and offers Guppy his arm and shoulder.

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Once he's sitting, Charles goes to get some bandages and iodine for Guppy then sits down and focuses on Javert's mind.

He presses up against the edges of Milliways where there's nothing but space and then shakes his head, "No, he's not here."

Date: 2013-08-25 10:22 pm (UTC)
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Before he starts tending the injuries, Charles focuses on Guppy's memories and his eyes open in surprise,

"Oh dear, that's what that other mind I was feeling was. There was an odd feel of someone else watching Javert and he recalled the man's face but didn't have a name for him. That's who took him. I don't think he means any harm but I don't know anything more either."
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"No and he's not willing to accept how Milliways works either. We can't do anything since he's been taken and I don't think whoever that was wants to hurt him. But they might not know how to best help him either and that creates its own set of problems. I'm going to make some tea,"

Its something positive that he can do.

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Charles nods and starts on the tea before coming back over to bandage Guppy's head,

"Yes, because this is Milliways and something straightforward would feel out of place."

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"Right, which kind would work best?"

The infirmary has many more options than Charles is used to.

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"I see. If he listened to Javert then that's partly hopeful. It means that he respects him,"

He finds the medicine and comes over to bandage Guppy.

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"I'm not sure. I can't get a clear sense of that other mind. We'll figure this all out and keep taking care of Javert."

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"So do I and the tea's ready."

Date: 2013-08-25 11:10 pm (UTC)
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"I'm glad to do anything I can. My Nanny taught me how to make tea, she would make it for me every day after school. Raven's never liked it as much as I do,"

They will figure out how to help Javert.


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